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November, 18, 2003

Al initially contacted me about a possible position when he received my name from a colleague. He talked with me to learn more about what I wanted to do with my career, and realized that the position in question was not what I was looking for. He did keep me in mind, though, and when the right position with an international manufacturing firm came up over a year later, he contacted me again. I subsequently got that job and have moved along in the company, now working at the headquarters in Germany. He really looked out for my interests and was not just offering up my name to any company that was looking for people with my background. I would not have had this opportunity, if he did not place such a priority on fitting the jobs to the people with whom he works.

Mike B.

October 23, 2003

I have been working with Alan Daum for 15 years now mostly in the Pharmaceutical or Biopharmaceutical area of automation and Computer validation. Al has and always will continue to be my favorite recruiter. He is honest and forthright. Unlike many recruiters out there, he technically knows what he is talking about and you always feel he has your best interests at heart. He never pressures you to accept any position that you do not feel is right for you. He has moved me from a lowly college graduate to management (sometimes I'm not so sure I should thank him for that) in a mere 10 years time. I would recommend Al to anyone who is looking for a position that is satisfying and fulfills their needs.


Jan W.

August 23, 2003



Thank you for your expertise in career management. I have experienced many recruiters who are just making connections to make sales numbers. Al, not only do you match an individual's talents with a company's needs; your talents are truly grounded in listening to career goals and matching them with solid opportunities. When I recommended you to colleagues I mention this difference; you're not a recruiter but a career manager.


November 11, 2002

I was looking to make a career switch from consulting engineering to manufacturing engineering, which was a major milestone in my life and my working career. I couldn't have asked for a friendlier, more professional person than Al Daum to aid me during this stressful time. Al supported me for the entire job search, always providing me with sound and timely job search advice. Many job search professionals contacted me and I quickly learned that only a few could measure up to Al's professionalism. He is highly capable of matching the right job candidate with the right job and thus not wasting time trying to put "square pegs" in "round holes".

Al prepared me for my interviews extremely well. He furnished me with valuable insight about the clients needs and their personalities, which enabled me to better prepare for many interviews. I highly recommend Al for any professional who is considering a job change or is between jobs and is looking for that next great opportunity. His many years of experience combined with his tenacious effort towards my search enabled me to land the opportunity of a lifetime for which I am very grateful.


Steven E.

November 13, 2002


I would like to thank you for your assistance in my career search for a new position in process control engineering. Your honesty, advise, professionalism, and willingness to do what it takes to help others looking for a new position was, in my opinion, the most gratifying experience I have ever had in any of my job searches throughout my career. It is not surprising to me that the great companies, especially within the process industry, seem to rely on your expertise along with your candidate's for filling their critical positions. Your website was an additional bonus because of the wealth of information that it provides, containing interviewing, re-location, and resignation strategies. Working with you has been not only exciting, but a pleasure, knowing that you possess nothing but the utmost integrity for providing both candidate's and employer's with winning combinations.


John W.
Process Control Engineer

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